Zona Franca brings together, for the first time in Galicia, two Nobel laureates in Economics at Viglobal Summit 2023

“Krugman and Banerjee will be at the Mar de Vigo Auditorium on June 27th and 28th, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the Consortium.”

“Entrepreneurs Bisila Bokoko or Pedro Siza, former Minister of Economy of Portugal, will also be among the opinion leaders gathering at the congress, which will feature conferences and roundtable discussions analyzing the main global challenges.”

For the first time in Galicia, Zona Franca will bring together two Nobel laureates in Economics at Viglobal Summit 2023, under the theme ‘The Economy of the Future.’ Paul Krugman and Abhijit Banerjee will be at the Mar de Vigo Auditorium on June 27th and 28th, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the Consortium. Entrepreneur Bisila Bokoko or Pedro Siza, former Minister of Economy of Portugal, will also be among the opinion leaders gathering at the congress, which will feature conferences and roundtable discussions analyzing the main global challenges. David Regades, the State Delegate in Zona Franca de Vigo; Mayor Abel Caballero; and Santiago Lago, Editorial Director of Vigo Global Summit 2023, presented the congress program that will bring together renowned global experts in economics for two days in the city.

David Regades explained that ‘in a time of so much uncertainty, we will be setting the roadmap for the economic future in Vigo with an internationally renowned congress, featuring the best experts, including two Nobel laureates. Vigo will address all the current challenges and their solutions at the end of June.

Abel Caballero highlighted that ‘Zona Franca is an engine for the economy, and the economy must go hand in hand with political action in democracy, along with businesses.’ He emphasized that this congress ‘will propose significant analyses that must lead to major transformations, such as Krugman’s vision aligned with Keynesianism and Banerjee’s wealth-poverty conception, combined with the necessary vision of the environment and the feminist revolution.

The objective of this meeting is to provide an appropriate framework for collective reflection, led by leaders of analysis and opinion, authentic references in the world of economics, business, and politics, who will propose solutions to address both unforeseen challenges and long-term challenges.

The authoritative voices participating in the Vigo economic congress will be led by two highly prestigious figures, both honored with the Nobel Prize in Economics, Paul Krugman and Abhijit Banerjee. Their confirmed participation in Viglobal Summit 2023 raises the significance of the event to international levels of influence, putting the names of Vigo and Galicia in the media worldwide.

To speak of Paul Krugman is to talk about one of the most important economists of the last decades, even before he received the Swedish Academy’s award in 2008. The award was granted for his contributions to New Trade Theory and New Economic Geography. Krugman has published over twenty books, including ‘International Economics: Theory and Policy,’ an essential work to understand the intricacies of international economics. His articles in The New York Times, written under the title ‘The Conscience of a Liberal,’ continue to be an indisputable reference for economists, businessmen, and high-level politicians around the world.

Krugman’s conference in Vigo will focus on the analysis of the global context. A context marked, among other factors, by the abrupt shift in monetary policy on both sides of the Atlantic and a redefinition of political and economic relationships at a global scale, highlighting the response to the vulnerabilities of global supply chains that the pandemic revealed vividly, and the competition for leadership in key sectors for the future, such as artificial intelligence.




Paul Krugman’s participation will be, in a way, complementary to that of the second Nobel laureate invited to Vigo. It is Indian economist Abhijit Banerjee, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2019 along with his wife Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer. As an International Professor of Economics at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), supported by the Ford Foundation, Banerjee was recognized by the Swedish Academy for his experimental studies in alleviating global poverty.

His participation in Viglobal Summit 2023 will focus on the long-term structural challenges to achieve global economic well-being. Considering that the development of less developed countries today needs to take place within different parameters than decades ago, Banerjee is aware that the planet cannot afford unchecked growth in its ecological footprint and its impact on global warming. Therefore, it is time to think about how to fulfill the sustainable development goals promoted by the United Nations in a current world full of constraints.


In addition to the two Nobel laureates in Economics, Viglobal Summit 2023 will bring together renowned analysts, policymakers, communication experts, entrepreneurs, and executives.


Born in Valencia to a Guinean family, Bisila Bokoko is a globally recognized entrepreneur with a strong philanthropic focus, leading various initiatives related to literacy and women’s empowerment in Africa. As an expert speaker on global leadership, Bokoko was honored as a “Global Citizen” by the United Nations, and the UN relies on her as the Chair of the Executive Council and host of the EMPRETEC Women in Business Awards.


Trained as a lawyer and a politician from the Portuguese Socialist Party, Pedro Siza Vieira served as the Minister of Economy and Digital Transition in Antonio Costa’s government until last year. He currently works as a partner at the law firm PLMJ in Portugal. Before joining the Portuguese cabinet, Siza Vieira had a brilliant and extensive career in law, leading the Lisbon office of the law firm Linklaters.

The final program of Vigo Global Summit will feature the participation of over a dozen opinion leaders from the economic, business, and communication fields, whose names will be announced in the coming days.


Viglobal Summit 2023 will focus on three specific areas, dedicating a roundtable discussion to each. The first panel will address entrepreneurship and business dynamics, showcasing successful business cases.

The second panel will focus on the financial sector, a transformative and cross-cutting field that raises daily concerns for society as a whole.

Lastly, the third debate session will tackle the question of how to promote the development of cities and regions, creating prosperous and innovation-friendly spaces that attract population and entrepreneurial initiatives.


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